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    Christmas and New Year Holidays
    Join funny activities and national Russian lifestyle
    while celebrating New Year and Christmas holidays in Vologda.
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    Voice of Crafts
    Vologda is an ancient place where a number of unique handicrafts were born.
    Voice of Crafts is an international festival where you can meet real
    masters and perhaps become one of them
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    The Great Beauty
    Watch this marvelous film about our splendid place
    where ancient spirit of Russian province interlaces
    with modern cityís energy

Events & Festivals

Be a spectator or participant of splendid international festivals in Vologda

Attractions & Sights

Donít miss the main sights our city is proud of

Transportation Guide

Read how to travel to Vologda and learn how to get around the city

Hotels & Accommodation

Learn different places where to live: from couchsurfing and hostels to five-star hotels

10 Things to Do

  • To take a picture with the letter O

    Itís a very humorous monument about our main speech feature in Vologda. Instead of saying a letter A, people here say O. Muscovites usually mock at it, but here you can both hear our dialect and capture it on camera.

  • Rub a nose of a dog peeing on a street lamp...

    A dog peeing on the lamp-post is a fragment of the monument unveiled on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of street lighting installation in Vologda. This monument can become one of the main Vologda sights. It is located on the site of one of 35 first street-lamps, which were lighted on May 21st, 1904.

  • Climb the Bell Tower of the Vologda Kremlin

    Itís too high to ascend it because the height of the Bell Tower is 78.5 meters. But as soon as you get to the observation desk you realize how beautiful Vologda is from this point. Try to do it.

  • Taste Vologda butter

    Vologda butter (Vologodskoe) is a traditional Russian product with delicious walnut taste and natural lightness

  • Admire the St Sophia cathedral greatness

    Located on the banks of the Vologda River, the city has some excellent examples of Russian Orthodox churches. As the legend goes, Ivan the Terrible ordered to build a church in Vologda that he intended to make the capital of the country. But once during the construction, when he went into the church, a brick fell on his head. The Tsar left Vologda at once and never returned there.

  • Visit open air Theatre Festival in the Kremlin

    "Golosa istorii" ("Voices of History") is an annual event which takes place within the walls of the Kremlin in summer. The highlight of the festival is a Russian historical drama.

  • Create your own lace masterpiece

    It's a really perfect place to understand and to learn Russian lace history. Besides, some exhibitions of other countries are usually held here, so you can compare and see the difference between different styles. By the way, you can also buy something interesting for your friends.

  • Try to get out from the awful soviet lab

    Taste a new entertainment in Vologda. ďPlay, Sherlock!Ē is a quest in reality. Your team has just one hour to get out from a terrible medical lab. Meeting the challenges and guessing the riddles you will be able to do it. Or wonít.

  • Get to Stalin's Apartment

    Stalin spent some time here in exile. He lived at 33 Ulyanovoy St., that is a museum now. Poke your head in the door, and ask if you can see his old stove.

  • Try yourself on a tremendous toboggan chute

    Visit Vologda at Maslenitsa, or Cheesefare Week. Last year the tremendous wooden ice-run was built here. It is the Guinness World Records construction. Try this funny Russian adventure which is even better than an amusement park.

What I like in Vologda is that it gathered people from all corners of the planet. This is important. It helps to develop co-production which is the most essential thing for contemporary cinema
Claudia Cardinale Italian actress
Claudia Cardinale, Italian actress