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Culture and Art

Vologda is a large cultural centre of the North-West of Russia with unique extant monuments of the historical and cultural heritage and a developed system of cultural and art institutions.

Preservation and careful attitude towards the past is a distinctive feature of the modern civilized state. Vologda is one of the most ancient Russian cities. The monuments of history and culture located there are an important part of the national heritage.

The property of the municipal formation “the City of Vologda” includes 71 objects of the cultural heritage, including 33 objects of the cultural heritage of federal importance, 38 – of regional importance. 46 objects are on the balance of the Vologda treasury, all the rest – on the balance of different municipal authorities. 31 objects are dwelling houses, 11 – are let on municipal lease.

The system of cultural and art institutions is represented by public institutions and municipal authorities.

The public cultural institutions are:

  • 3 theatres: Drama theatre, Theatre for children and youth, Puppet theatre “Teremok”;
  • State Philharmonic Society which bears the name of the outstanding composer Valery Gavrilin, a native of the Vologda Oblast
  • Picture Gallery
  • Museum-Preserve for History, Architecture and Art
  • Two centers of culture: methodological and informational
  • 4 public libraries: a scientific library, a library for young people, a children’s library, a specialized library for the blind
  • 1 educational institution of vocational training on regional level – a musical college
  • Directorate on restoration

The system of cultural municipal authorities consists of:

  • 3 institutions of the cultural and entertainment type
  • 1 concert organization – a brass band “Classic-modern band”
  • 1 amusement park
  • Centralized library system uniting 20 library branches
  • 1 film organization with 2 cinemas. Inhabitants of Vologda have well-equipped modern movie houses at their disposal (with three-dimensional equipment and audio gear): “Lenkom” and “Salute”
  • 8 children’s educational institutions (musical, artistic, choreographic institutions and art schools)

There are several private organizations in Vologda: private galleries, theatres, cultural and entertainment institutions, an exhibition centre.

Vologda is the venue of important international cultural projects:

  • International Theatrical festival “Voices of History”. The performances are shown in the open air, in the historical setting of the Vologda Kremlin – the outstanding ancient monument of the16th century
  • Gavrilin international music festival
  • Theatrical and concert project “Summer in the Kremlin”
  • Open non-fiction and animated film festival for children and youth “Frescoes of the North” which bears the name of the producer Yury Polovnikov

The Vologda City administration is the founder and organizer of an interesting cultural project “Rubtsov’s autumn” dedicated to the Vologda poet Nikolai Rubtsov.

Street festivities which take place on New Year’s Day, at Christmas and Shrovetide (a pancake week) are especially popular among the local inhabitants. The Day of the City is traditionally celebrated at the end of June. It’s a spectacular event which takes place on all the concert grounds of Vologda. All inhabitants participate in a carnival procession and various amusements. The best creative groups of the city take part in the concert programs.

The most significant events of the cultural life in 2010 were the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Day of the City, the 75th anniversary of N. Rubtsov, the X International festival “Voices of History”, the International festival of Young European Cinema “VOICES”.