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Vologda - the city of good deeds

Vologda - the city of good deeds

The entire system of socially important projects united under the single brand “Vologda – City of Good Deeds” has been implemented in Vologda since 2009. Today this brand is recognizable not only within the city, but far outside it.

Implementing the projects, we solve the most significant social problems within the framework of the city partnership uniting the efforts of the authorities, business community and local citizens.

The main task that the city authorities set working systematically in this direction is to involve various population categories into solution of joint problems. Youth and veterans, scholars and workers, businessmen and activists of public organizations – everybody can made his or her contribution to each project and it means that the maximum number of participants is involved in its implementation.

As a result, not only the main goal of the project is achieved (solution of a specific city social problem), but there are other positive by-effects influencing improvement of the local citizens’ life quality and reduction of social tension.

Over 40 socially important projects are being implemented in Vologda at present. The system has been made in such a way that every resident can take part in the implementation of at least one of them.

Some of the projects have been successfully realized for many years and are familiar to every inhabitant of Vologda, for instance: “Care”, “City of Childhood”, Youth Labour Teams”, “Blossoming City”, “Snow Fortress”. The city life is just impossible without them. Besides, several projects have started recently, but they already have their participants and followers - “Seven Wonders of Colour”, “Merry Bus”, “United Neighbours”, “Street Breathing” and many others.

“City Discount Card “Care” helps low-income sections of the population. It is a real chance to save family budget thanks to discounts for the goods of prime necessity.

The socially important project “Youth Labour Teams” gives an opportunity for students aged 18 to 25 to get jobs during summer holidays. They can not only gain operational experience, but also receive a good salary.

Blossoming City” is one more city project and contest. Streets and squares of Vologda change every year in spring and summer. Local citizens plant flowers making beautiful flower-beds and parterres in the yards of their houses, organizations and enterprises – near their offices and in the city centre. Everybody tries to make Vologda bright and attractive.

The project “City of Childhood” enjoys wide popularity among young inhabitants of Vologda. It is aimed at the organization of active children’s rest during summer holidays. Professional teachers and volunteers work with kids arranging sports games, contests and fascinating programs on different children’s playgrounds.

The project “Vologda Region – Land of Heroes” was elaborated in 2010 to bring up residents of Vologda to love their country and to be proud of their Motherland. They hold meetings with veterans of the war, gather materials about the war participants, and update the city chronicle with the same title that already includes over 3200 names of Vologda’s inhabitants who took part in the Great Patriotic War.

Military and Patriotic Game” was first staged in 2014 on the initiative of the Vologda’s Mayor. It was similar to the children’s military and sports game “Zarnitsa”, but was destined for adults according to the level and difficulty of tasks.

The project “I Love Vologda” holds a special place among all socially important projects. Its objectives are to bring up people to take pride in the city and to foster an attitude of care towards it, to improve the appearance of Vologda, to involve citizens in socially beneficial activities directed to beautification of some city areas.

Plenty of initiatives in Vologda are implemented with active assistance of young people. The Youth Centre “Gor.com35” was opened in the city by the decision of the Vologda’s Mayor. Such city projects as “City of Young Talents”, “Generations in Contact”, “Youth Labour Teams”, “Lady Success”, “Bright Yard”, and a lot of others are realized there.

The Department of Information and Public Relations in the Vologda City Administration supervises the implementation of all socially important projects.