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Social and political life

Social and political life

The Vologda City Administration develops active constructive cooperation with the society.

The Public Council of the city of Vologda has been working since June 2010. Its main goal is to ensure permanent cooperation and social partnership of the Vologda City Administration and the inhabitants of Vologda, formation and solution of issues in the areas of social policy, economy, entrepreneurship, tourism, municipal services, transport, architecture, town-planning, ecology, education, culture, physical training and sport and other fields.

The Council is a consultative body under the Vologda City Administration. Decisions of the Council made within its competence are recommendations.

Besides, 12 Public reception rooms of the Head of the City were opened for the inhabitants of Vologda in summer 2010. The deputy Heads, heads of the Administration departments receive citizens from 17.00 to 19.00. All inhabitants can appeal with their problems and ask any question. This form of coordination enables to react to the inhabitants’ problems and to solve urgent issues promptly, to see the inhabitants’ life from within and to reduce a social distance between the authorities and the population.

The year 2010 was also rich in social projects. The Vologda City Administration managed to accomplish 8 socially important projects and city contests.

There are more that 500 public organizations and associations in Vologda at the moment. The Vologda City Administration gets them involved in the realization of the city events and social projects.