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Festive emblem

Description of the Vologda’s festive emblem

One can see a white church dome and a green birch leaf against the blue square. The white dome is placed in the centre of the square. The green birch leaf partly covering the white church dome is placed in the low right-hand corner of the square exceeding its bounds.

This composition creates the feeling of reliability, harmony, benevolence, affability and underlines the values of lofty spirituality, cultural and moral heritage.

The church dome symbolizes a Russian northern city (white, silver), spiritual renaissance, moral principles and traditions inherited from our ancestors; a form of the helmets worn by the Russian warriors, defenders of the Motherland.

The birch leaf is a traditional Russian symbol reflecting purity, healing (since ancient times the birch is used as a medicinal plant), life, salvation, harmony. It is a symbol of the orthodox holiday Pentecost, a symbol of unity. The green birch leaf creates the feeling of viability of spiritual and moral norms and values. The leaf flies down towards the spectator and gets in touch personifying benevolence and cordiality. The combination of the friendly leaf and the blue square invites you to the city to get acquainted with its culture.

The blue square signifies the sky, stability of moral norms, reliability, firmness and confidence. An ideal of the square is planned life without “surprises” and changes in the usual course of events.

Use of the festive emblem

Depiction of the Vologda’s festive emblem is used by the local self-government bodies of the city as an element of festive decoration of events connected with the Day of the City and other city holidays:

on posters and programs of events;

  • on letter and invitation blanks, envelopes;
  • on the articles produced on demand of the local self-government bodies for holidays;
  • on advertising constructions;
  • in other cases.

Depiction of the Vologda’s festive emblem can be used by organizations, individual entrepreneurs, public associations, citizens by written agreement with the Head of the City:

  • on products put out by organizations and individual entrepreneurs;
  • on trade marks;
  • on labels, price lists, packing, other means of visual identification of goods, works and service;
  • on badges, stamps, envelopes, post cards, labels and other souvenir articles;
  • on goods of the decorative and applied arts, on jewelry;
  • on advertising produce. 

Reproduction of the Vologda’s festive emblem shall conform to its depiction and drawing.