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Vologda is a cultural capital of the Russian North

Vologda is a cultural capital of the Russian North.

Bell tower of St. Sophia Cathedral

Vologda is a city the history of which numbers eight centuries. It is among 116 Russian cities with especially valuable historical heritage. This ancient city was a gate to the North and a large trade and handicraft centre.

Vologda is an open-air museum. It is famous for the monuments of wooden architecture and churches. There are 224 monuments of architecture, history and culture in the city. The buildings constructed in baroque and classicism in the late 18th century and the first half of the 19th century have come down to us in the streets and embankments of the city. House Butyrina

Vologda is a city of 50 domes. Numerous churches and monasteries are important centres of enlightenment, history and spirituality. The majestic St. Sophia Cathedral - a pearl of the Vologda architecture - was erected by order of Tsar Ivan the Terrible who intended to make it a copy of the Dormition Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. Domes of St. Sophia Cathedral

Vologda is a museum centre of the region. A distinctive feature of the modern city is its developed objects of the tourist infrastructure. The most important among them are: the Vologda State Museum-Preserve with several branches and 40 architectural monuments, the Spaso-Prilutsky monastery, the Vologda Picture Gallery, the Museum of diplomatic corps, the House of Peter I, Spaso-Prilutsky monasterythe gallery “Red bridge” and others.

Vologda is a lace capital of Russia. Masters of the Vologda land have gone down in history of the Russian culture as creators of unique works of folk art. Vologda lace made of flax threads is one of the striking examples which combines a variety of patterns, cleanness of threads and unique skill. One can see these goods at the annual Fair and Exhibition “Russian flax” recognized not only by Russian colleagues,Vologda lace but abroad as well.

Vologda is famous for butter. In 1878 having visited the agricultural exhibition in Paris, Nikolai Vereshchagin invented a new kind of butter with unique taste and flavour which was later called “Vologda butter”.

A fragment of the performance «Alexander Nevsky» at the festival «Voices of history»

Vologda is a festival capital of the Russian North. Along with numerous monuments of wooden and stone architecture, historical and memorial museums, green parks and public gardens with primeval nature, Vologda is a centre of festival culture and maintenance of ancient traditions. Many Russian and international cultural events are held in Vologda every year: the international theatrical festival “Voices of History”, the open festival of poetry and music “Rubtsov’s autumn”, the Gavrilin international musical festival, the non-fiction film festival “Frescoes of the North” and so on. Vologda charms everybody with its amazing spirit of tranquility and antiquity. One can’t remain indifferent to the fascinating domes of St. Sophia Cathedral, to this hospitable and enchanting city