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Investment activity in the city of Vologda is regulated by the federal and regional legislation and municipal statutory acts.

In 2013, the basic capital investments amounted to 11,0 billion rubles. The investment flows into the city have been increased over the last three years thanks to the significant business growth and many commercial projects. The largest volume of investments in 2013 was channelled for production and distribution of electricity, gas and water, transport and manufacturing activities. The investments in large and medium-sized organizations made up 94.5% of the total volume.

The investment structure according to the types of economic activity is the following:

  • production and distribution of electricity, gas and water 37.2%;
  • transport 13.2%;
  • manufacturing activities 11.6%;
  • communications 9.1%;
  • real estate activities, lease and rendering of services 9.0%;
  • whole and retail trade, motor vehicles and consumer good repair 3.7%;
  • financial activities 3.5%;
  • state management, military security, social security 3.3%;
  • public health and social services 3.0%;
  • building 2.4%;
  • other municipal, social and personal services 2.0%;
  • others 1.5%;
  • hotels and restaurants 0.3%;
  • education 0.2%.