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Vologda is one of the most beautiful cities of Russia. Apart from the places of worship, one can also see wonderful houses surrounded with carved fences (which are par excellence the symbol of Vologda). Their portals and columns are reflected in the calm waters of the river. Wooden architecture of Vologda has come down to us: entire streets of old-style houses, neighborhoods steeped in elegance with their intricately carved facades. The decor that is perfect for a historical or melancholic film.

Located half way between Moscow and St. Petersburg, Vologda is easily accessible by car and by train. The train nicknamed the “Dawns of Vologda” departs from the Yaroslavl railway station in the centre of Moscow every evening and arrives in one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Russia the next morning. Vologda was founded in 1147 as well as Moscow. It competed with the Great Capital for several centuries before finally yielding to it. Along with Vologda, the historic towns of Belozersk, Veliky Ustyug, Ustyuzhna, Totma are open-air museums and are among the Russian cities with rich cultural and historical heritage.

The region is full of natural beauty, is rich in history and is resolutely turned towards the future. Vologda is a cultural center that favors innovation and creativity. Its modern infrastructure enables the development of tourism. Its industries are successful across the world. However, above all it is the region that has decided to become the main player in the field of Russian and world culture, education, IT and tourism.