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Vologda Kremlin

The Vologda Kremlin is a historical and architectural ensemble that was built as a fortress in 1567 by the order of Ivan the Terrible and played an important fortification role in the 16th - 17th centuries. The walls and towers of the Kremlin were dismantled by the 1820s. Now the complex of the Vologda Kremlin traditionally embraces the former Archbishop’s house – a number of buildings in the court of the Vologda’s archbishops (mainly because of its high walls), the Resurrection Cathedral and the St. Sophia Belfry. The St. Sophia Cathedral built on the high bank of the Vologda River is the first stone church in the city erected under Ivan the Terrible. The smaller Resurrection Cathedral was constructed near it, on the site of the dismantled south-eastern tower of the fortifications.
The present area of the Kremlin surrounded with high stone walls is divided into three parts. The central yard, that is the basic one, occupies the main area; a small Consistorial yard is located in the north-eastern corner, and a service yard - in the north-western one.
This set of buildings that is called the Vologda Kremlin has been erected for several centuries. Their appearance greatly differs from each other. They don’t have a uniform style as they were built at different times.

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