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House of Peter I

The House-Museum of Peter I is a one-storeyed stone building with a vaulted ceiling and two Dutch stoves decorated with ornamented tiles. It is a monument of architecture of the 17th century. This house is interesting thanks to its architecture and as a place connected with the visits of Peter I to Vologda. There are more than 100 exhibits in the museum, including the unique one such as the clothing of Peter I, a death-mask of the emperor, a cup of generalissimo Alexander Menshikov, two Dutch chairs dated from 1706, a semantron (a wooden plate used instead of church bells) with Peter’s monogram dated from 1706, “zertsalo” (a triangular prism with 3 printed copies of the edicts of Peter I that was usually kept in offices) with Peter’s edicts, a soldier’s flask, trunks of cannons, a musket, a bronze gun dating back to the period of Peter’s reign, a coat of arms over the entrance of the house with the “H.R.S.” (Dutch Republican States) initials.
This house was bought from private owners in 1872, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Peter I, and it was decided to found a museum there. The first museum of the Vologda province – the House of Peter I – was opened on June 5th, 1885, on the day when Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich arrived in Vologda. Its exposition was changed for the last time in 1987.

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